Things you should know about reconstructive surgeries

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Reconstructive surgery is done to restore a patient’s normal appearance and correct all the deformities. These changes in appearance and deformities can occur due to several reasons. Reconstructive surgery makes a patient’s life experience better and it also helps in improving the disfigurement of the patients.

It may occur to you that surgeons performing reconstructive surgery only improve physical appearance and work on but no. They also help the patients to get better psychologically and emotionally. These plastic surgeons improve the social life of patients who sometimes do not feel comfortable and may feel insecure about going outside with the deformities.

Your family medicine doctor can also guide through the process of the surgery and can tell you about the treatment and recovery after the surgery. Pregnancy massage in Dubai is known for its affordable and best services. You can also consult for vela shape treatment in Dubai.

People usually go under reconstructive surgeries for the following reasons:

Feet and Hand Surgery

Often children or adults go through the reconstructive surgery of feet and hands due to being affected by cancerous or non-cancerous tumors or sometimes because of an extra toe, finger, or thumb. Carpal tunnel syndrome patients can also go through reconstructive surgery.

Facial Surgery

These surgeries are done on your face to improve part of your face such as cleft lip, breathing problems, snoring, or some chronic infection which usually causes sinus problems.

These were the few types of reconstructive surgery that will help you to know the basic knowledge of the surgery you may want to go through.

Wound Surgery

Reconstructive surgery for severe wounds is also done when patients have severe wounds due to burning marks or cuts. Other techniques are also available if someone does not want to have surgery done.

Breast Reconstruction or Reduction

This surgery is for all those women out there who have had a mastectomy or those who have unusually large breasts which are causing back pain or any other health problems due to this. Not only women but sometimes even men have to go under breast reduction surgery and there is nothing shameful about it.

Microsurgery of Flap Procedures

This reconstructive surgery is for those who have disfigurements and deformities due to various reasons and want to have their normal appearance back. In this surgery, a surgeon replaces the affected part of your body which has been disfigured due to some illness such as cancer.