Depression and sadness – A comparison

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People will often say that they are in depression while in reality there is no depression but they are just feeling alone or sad due to some reason they can’t figure out. This will also happen in couples when they are living together because sometimes one of the partners will feel more than normal and they start feeling that the other person is not behaving well with them or any other thing. They start feeling sad due to not getting enough attention of the partner. To cope that there is relationship counseling Dubai is available in different centers and people should seek eth advices of the professionals instead of going towards separation because sometimes the real problem is nothing but the thoughts of that problem creates sever situations. You need to go to the center of mental health UAE whenever you feel any low or depressed because there you will get the guidance about your condition and how to cope with that. There are some differences in depression and sadness and you can see these below:

When a person will go through the situation of losing someone very close to them then they will start acting strange and most of the times they will feel low and always think about the loved one. When they are just sad then the thoughts of the deceased will come along with some happy moments too so that person will also sometimes feels a little relaxed when the happy thoughts come in. on the other hand in depression there will be no happy thought but only the sad ones and the person will feel it difficult to cope with the loss of the loved one.

When a person is sad then he will not feel any kind of guilt or self-harming thoughts as they are sad due to any of the incident happens in their life recently but when a person is in depression then he will feel no self-confidence and also there will be self-harming thoughts in their mind that constantly grow with time if not treated well. They feel that there is not worth of their existence and no one needs them so they even go for the suicide to take their life and get rid of their metal condition in which they are suffering for years without other people know about it.