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What to expect from Nebosh Diploma?

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Unit NG1 (IG1 for the International Certificate) is assessed although an online open e-book exam conducted by ISO 45001 consultants. This evaluation has such design to test what you recognize and that you are capable of following it to applicable scenarios.

Unit NG2 (IG2 for the International Certificate) is a work-based total assessment inclusive of a health and safety inspection and written report, which you have to whole within 2 weeks of taking your exam.

What can I assume from the examination?

Once you have enrolled for your exam at your chosen institution, you’ll be getting login info for the examination platform some days prior to the exam. It is recommended for you to log in to the platform just for confirmation purposes a few days prior to the exam. This will help you avoid last minute issues.

Starting at 9 AM on the morning of your examination, you will be given a full twenty four hours to finish your answers and post them online on the platform. It is not required for you to complete it all in a single go. You should also take time to make sure that your answers are properly reviewed before being posted.

While you have 24 hours for finishing the exam, the fact of the matter is that it would take just about 5 hours for you to complete it.  it is anticipating that the total assignment needs to take between 4 and 5 hours to complete. You are incapable to operate such maneuvers all of that time – the 24 hour duration is to allow for novices in distinctive time zones and cautious consideration of answers.