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Three Mistakes People Make When Replacing a Car Battery

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Three Mistakes People Make When Replacing a Car Battery

While you’re in the process of car battery replacement in UAE, you should avoid making these common mistakes. They include leaving the lights on while you work, causing corrosion around the battery, and choosing the wrong type of battery. Read on to learn how to prevent these mistakes, and avoid them in the future. The article below provides useful tips to make the procedure go more smoothly. You’ll be surprised by how easy it can be to mess up!

Avoiding corrosion around the battery:

Whether you drive an older model or a newer one, you should avoid corrosion around car batteries. The acid in car batteries reacts with lead alloy plates inside the battery casing, generating electricity. The old-style batteries often have vent holes with tiny caps, which allow small amounts of acid to escape. You should clean these vent holes and replace the caps if corrosion develops. Clean corrosion with a rust-preventative solution.

Avoiding leaving the lights on while replacing a car battery:

If you don’t leave the lights on while replacing your car battery, you may find that you cannot turn off the engine in time. The lights drain the battery quickly, and leaving them on for an extended time can lead to a dead battery. Remember to switch them off when you park your car or turn off your headlights before getting in. This simple act will go a long way.

Choosing the wrong car battery:

Choosing the wrong size for your car battery can result in many problems. Not only can you damage your vehicle’s battery, but you could also fry the car’s electronics. Even if the battery you purchased matches the specifications listed in your vehicle’s manual, you still may not be able to start your car. You will need to hire an expert to replace the battery in such a scenario. You can also avoid any costly mistakes by following these steps.

Cleaning the terminals of your car battery is the most effective way to remove the corrosive deposits. It would help if you cleaned the terminals using a solvent and a scrubbing tool (such as an old toothbrush). The corrosion can also be removed using a battery cleaner. Make sure that you always follow the instructions on the cleaning product label. Ensure that the ignition is off when you clean corrosion around car batteries. You should also wear protective gear, including a respirator, to prevent exposure to dangerous fumes.