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The Types of Australian Visas

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Australian visa system is quite simple with peculiar visas for peculiar purposes of entering the country. There are several kinds of Australian visas issued to the masses pursuing entry into the country. Here is a short description for each type of Australian visa.

The Tourist Visa- The most issued visa meant for expatriation and tourism. It covers holidays, tourism thrust and short term courses of study in Australia.

The Working Holiday Visa- Often issued to individuals aged between 18 and 31, this visa is suitable for avid travelers who keep themselves gainfully employed during that travel. This visa can be extended upon evidence of continuous employment for a period of three months.

The Business Visa- With the prospering Australian economy this visa provides business opportunities for entrepreneurs from around the world. Formally known as Business Electronic Travel, this visa is often provided to those having regular business Down Under or for meetings or conferences.

The Business Sponsored Visa- Individuals brought over to Australia on this Australian visa Dubai are for filling up the demand for a skilled workforce the economy requires. To comply with this visa both the sponsoring company and the individual will have to meet some specialized requirements and parameters.

The General Skilled Migration Visa- The general applicants who possess the specific skills that are in demand in Australia are issued this visa and after determining the need for their services, fast tracking of their application is made.

The Spouse Visa- A spouse or a partner who is a permanent resident of Australia can sponsor your entry into the country. Due to the exploitation of this visa in the past, the Australian government has implemented stringent guidelines in the allotment of this kind of visa.

The Student Visa- This visa offers the privilege of studying in an Australian educational institution to students from anywhere in the world. This might be accompanied with a grant for employment which would require proper documentation.

This is just a brief description about Australian visas issued for particular purposes; if you want to be fully intimated, visit the immigration website of Australia. Many online forums can also help you prepare and decide on applying for a peculiar visa to Australia. Moreover, there are immigration consultancies and visa experts all around to assist you regarding your queries about immigration and visas globally.

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