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The different learning methods – An introduction

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It is said that the first educational institute for the children is the lap of his/her mother. However, these days’ children get admitted to kindergarten school in Qatar, as soon as they grow legs. These little angels are able to start their learning journey and are on their way to learn about the ways of the world. The early education programs are important and great because the mind of a young child is a sponge. At early age when the personality of children is forming they can benefit a lot from the developing learning habits. The best nurseries in the region are the ones who work on helping the children develop their senses and thinking methods.

The inductive Learning Method

In the old days, a parent wanted to see children sitting up straight and focusing on their studies silently. Nowadays, the situation has been improved drastically. The more well-aware parents know that it is not healthy for a young child to sit still and motionless throughout the day. Such practices damage the mental development of a child and turn them into a non-thinking zombie. The parents want their children to grow up with a bright mind that is able to cultivate and nourish their unique brand of intelligence. It is not advisable to leave the children at their own devices. However, asking the children the get the best marks is not the way to go either. The focus is on improvement. What a realized and informed parent wants from their children is to learn to recognize their weaknesses and work on honing their strengths. A child with an improved hand-writing and the ability to recognize words is much bigger than getting straight A’s on their tests. The marks and grades are just for school records, the real success lies in becoming an active learner who is independent and self-reliant. 

The old outdated belief system about making children into the mold of perfection is breaking off. This positive change is brought about due to the reason that the children can focus on important things in life rather than running after meaningless grades. A child with a valuable life skill is much more likely succeeded in real life rather than a kid with a top rank in their school careers. Therefore, many British schools in Doha are introducing new and adaptive learning systems.