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Reasons for Immigrating to Canada from Dubai

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Vibrant social life, clear beaches, tall buildings, and nightlife can only keep you entertained. This lifestyle may like a dream, but you get bored of this daily routine. The reason why Dubai is the best vacation spot. The keyword is a vacation here. Vacation is supposed to relax you physically and mentally from the hectic routine. There are not immersing many new opportunities for the residents in Dubai. Fortunately, Canada is becoming famous is immigrants. Social and working life is both balanced and stable for people. So, people can have a good social life and connect with their friends while having a stable job necessary for living. Due to this, Canada is one of the most sought after country for living as it is welcoming more than 300,000 immigrants a year. You can few of the lucky ones if you hire immigration lawyers Dubai for representing you for Canada immigration from Dubai.

Reasons why you should immigrate to Canada from Dubai


The liberal democracy in Canada widens the boundary of limitations of the residents of Dubai. By immigrating to Canada, you can have the standard lifestyle by having a balanced working and social life. Free medical can help immigrants from huge bills of the hospital. Immigrants of Dubai can experience freedom by living in a country with a completely different routine, living standard, and rules and regulations.

Job Opportunities

Canada has many foreign citizens working and residents from various countries of the world. The main reason why many people are now immigrating to Canada is because of the high wage job opportunities with fair work conditions. Canada has same labor laws for immigrants as the residents unlike Dubai, which has separate laws for immigrants.


Residents of Dubai get exhausted from the hot scorching days of summer. Fortunately for them, Canada has all the four seasons winter, summer, autumn, and spring. The sunny days are not as hot as that in Dubai. By immigrating to Canada, you can have the chance to experience all the four seasons which Dubai can never offer with the beautiful nature, mountains, snowfall, waterfalls, bewitching lakes and beaches and many other beautiful sites waiting for you.

Safety and Security

Canada is one of the safest countries which provides the best available security services to the immigrants which is necessary when you move to a completely different country and place. Safety and security are one of the reasons why people are favoring Canada over any other large economy country.