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Questions to ask the interior designers before hiring them

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Decorating or interior your home is a glorious thing as it helps to increase the value of your home and improve the overall look. Here comes an interior designer, who looks after the entire project professionally and gives perfect result according to your needs. If you are going to hire an interior designer first time for remodeling your home, and want the luxury interior design in Dubai, here are a few questions you need to ask the designer before hiring them.

What are the credentials and references?

It is essential to ask the designer before signing a contract about their experiences and references. Ask them how long they have been in this business? See their portfolios and past work to understand the working styles of the designer. In case if you cannot bear their fees, you may consider an inexperienced designer, but make sure they have the qualifications and skills to fulfill your requirement.

What services do they offer to the client?

Not every interior designer offers the same services. Therefore, before deciding, ask them about their specialty. However, here are common services they offer to clients like.

  • Designing consultancy
  • Site assessment and measurements
  • Space planning
  • Purchasing interior material
  • Project management

How do they arrange interior design project:

The proper arrangement of interior design is crucial for the project. So it is important to get awareness about the whole procedure. During the meeting, the session asks about everything, including time management, project cost, material, and interior designer you want to install at home.

How do they charge?

Cost matters for the interior of your home. So, before choosing a designer, discuss the budget, including their project fees. Mostly, an interior fit out company in Dubai charges hourly rates or a percentage of the entire project cost. However, consider hourly rates if you have a small project. Asking for a percentage is a better option for extensive projects.

Ask recommendations for local contractors:

Interior designers have a good relationship with a plumber, vendors, contractors, and electrical. So, hiring a local contractor can offer you attractive deals, discounts, and packages.

Have they done the same project?

Hiring an interior designer who has done the same project is a great idea. It is beneficial for you because they have already gone through the entire process.