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Pros and cons of solar energy

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There is no doubt that the sun’s radiations have become one of the most powerful energy sources in the world. These radiations provide unmatchable energy that can meet the electricity needs of everyone. But still, people are debating about the cost of installing solar panels as they are much expensive than other sources. While there are plenty of benefits of solar energy, but still some disadvantages need to be discussed. In this article, we will discuss the merits and demerits of solar energy.

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Pros of solar energy:

Renewable energy:

The major benefit of solar energy is you can produce it in any part of the world, where there is rich sunshine. It is a great option for those people who are still waiting for electricity as other energy resources cannot reach there. Therefore, solar energy is one of the best renewable sources of energy.

Reduce electricity cost:

Solar energy is a great source of electricity that can reduce your electricity bills cost. The more energy you will produce from the sun, the more electricity bill will reduce. Also, not only you can save your money but also can earn from solar energy by selling unused electricity.

Diverse uses:   

One of the best things about solar energy is it can be used for multiple purposes. With solar panels, you can produce heat and as well as electricity which is also known as photovoltaics. You can produce electricity through solar energy without an energy grid. Solar energy is also used to join the material that is used for buildings.

Cons of solar energy.


One of the major disadvantages of solar energy is the initial cost of installation is much expensive. It includes the cost of batteries, solar panels, installation, wiring, and inverter. Therefore, people think twice when it comes to purchasing solar energy.

Depend on the weather:

Solar energy depends on the sun’s light. So when there is bad weather like fog, smog, or rain, it doesn’t work effectively. However, you can overcome this issue by installing storage devices with solar panels.

Take a lot of space for installation:

When you intend to produce more electricity, you need to install more solar panel that requires a lot of space. However, in Dubai, renewable energy companies are manufacturing small-size panels that require little space.