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Facts About The Internet

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Internet has become a part of our important lives and we cannot now survive without internet. The internet has any saved many lives as well. You must be wondering that how internet has saved lives. Well, there had been many times when we are on an empty road and you connect the phone with internet and then we are able to see some hope of residency as well. there are many of us who need internet for even one second.

For example, if you are a kind of person who deals in stock market, then you and we all know that how internet is important for you. only some points go up and down and there you have to cash in your money.

Or there is a coder who is about to deploy its final website and he is forgetting to save and all of a sudden, the light goes off which means the internet has gone too and now you have an incomplete site.

The internet is another kind of universe and it is endless and that is why we got an idea to come up with some facts and these are facts that are good know. And these stats are provided to us by the best companies who provide internet marketing in Abu Dhabi, keep reading to know more;

  1. The internet world stats showed that on June 30th, 2019, there were 4,536,248,808 looked up the internet at once.
  2. Have you ever wondered that how many websites are there in the world? Well according to the same stats there were 1.94 billion websites and these stats were recorded in December 2018.
  3. Asia is a big mark on the world and what makes it more big that half of the internet users are from Asia.
  4. Even though there is website for everything now but still the organic traffic on website is 49 percent and the dummy traffic is 52 percent.
  5. The internet turned 31 years old on December 27, 2019 which makes it 11,247 days old as well.
  6. The first website on the internet was made in August 6, 1991.
  7. There is a father of web as well and his name is Tim Berners Lee.
  8. There is a weird fact that Wednesday is the best day to send emails.