Dubai, UAE

A detailed guide to buying property in Dubai

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Select the property advisor right in Dubai. The Dubai real estate Market is somewhat different from other countries; it is important that you have a land for sale Dubai Agent to direct you through the process.

One of Dubai’s most well-established property advisors for the selling of properties in the most coveted areas of Dubai. Our home purchasing service in Dubai ensures that you can find the property in Dubai while helping you in the purchase process.

We will assist you in all facets of relocating to Dubai such as offering tips on where to shop depending on job or lifestyle requirements.

All of any nationality, whether a resident in Dubai or in other regions of the country, is allowed, by His Highness, the Ruler of the emirates of Dubai, to buy a Dubai freehold property market. In order to buy land, you do not have to possess any kind of residence or related permits.

Most of the Dubai JVC apartment for sale are freehold, but a combination of leases is eligible for 30-99 years. A typical Dubai property deal takes 30 days from the date of signing of the Purchase Agreement. The processes used to buy property in Dubai are largely easy.

Terms of purchasing and selling

  • A MOU will be signed and a deposit (usually 10 percent) will be paid.
  • The parties meet in the developers’ offices to apply to sell the land for a No Objection Certificate (‘NOC’).
  • The developer will generally issue the NOC against a charge until the developer has been assured that the full payment for all service payments owed to the developer has been made.
  • If the NOC has been released, the parties may legally pass ownership to the office of the Dubai Land Department. The Department of Lands of Dubai would demand that the sales rates be charged in the form of a management cheque paid to the seller on the transfer date. A new title deed will be released on behalf of the buyer until the formalities are concluded.
  • The bank’s intervention is needed if the buyer buys a mortgage. When the seller has an estate mortgage, the buyer must pay the seller’s mortgage in full before filing for the NOC. This raises the buyer’s vulnerability and complicates the deal.