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Tips to get better artist

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Loving art is in the nature of many people because playing with colors will make your brain feel good and work better that’s why kids will enjoy coloring and painting a lot when they are small but with the passage of time their preferences will change and most of the people will stop doing any kind of art even they want to do that. For these kinds of people now there are many facilities to keep in touch with the art even after years of not holding a paint brush or color pencil. One the facility is the paint by number kits which is available for both kids and adults and they are different in their difficulty level so you have to choose yours according to your abilities but overall these are not very difficult to paint and learn. You can have your kit from any of the arts Dubai store online or from the physical market. To get paint like a pro you have to see these tips below that will help you in so many ways:


You need to see that which number has the largest area and then paint that first because it will start giving a good shape to your canvas painting and you will be encouraged to paint more. Another benefit of starting with the largest area is that you will not have to wash your brushes again and again and you will waste lesser paint too. You need to start with one paint color and first complete that before starting with the net one to avoid the hustle.


When you are starting painting with numbers then you have to make sure that you start with either the lower intensity paint or the higher intensity paint as it will help you in giving the shape to your painting easily. When you start painting with lighter color then you will have to wash your brushes vigorously fewer times as the lighter shade will not have more effect on the darker shades but when you start with the darker one then you have to carefully wash your brush before you start painting with the next lighter color and it will take a lot of your time and effort to wash you brush again and again. These two tips will help getting better with your painting.

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